Diwali Activity Ideas for Nursery Class: Making the Festival Special

Diwali Activities for Nursery Class

Diwali Activity Ideas for Nursery Class: Making the Festival Special

Celebrating Diwali with nursery class children can be a wonderful and memorable experience. Here are ten Diwali activity ideas to make the festival special for these little ones:

  1. Diya Painting:
  2. Provide small, child-safe clay diyas.
  3. Let the children paint and decorate the diyas with bright, non-toxic colors.
  4. Discuss the significance of lighting diyas during Diwali.
  5. Rangoli with Colored Sand:
  6. Use colored sand or rice to create a simple rangoli on the floor or on paper.
  7. Guide the children in making patterns with the colorful materials.
  8. Paper Lanterns:
  9. Help the kids create simple paper lanterns using colored paper, glue, and child-safe scissors.
  10. Teach them to decorate the lanterns with stickers and markers.
  11. Candle Art:
  12. Provide child-friendly wax or gel candles.
  13. Let the children create art on the candles by sticking stickers or drawing with washable markers.
  14. Discuss the role of candles during Diwali.
  15. Diwali Storytime:
  16. Read age-appropriate Diwali stories or legends to the children.
  17. Use pictures and simple language to engage them in the tales.
  18. Discuss the morals and lessons in the stories.
  19. Diwali Dress-up Day:
  20. Encourage children to dress in colorful clothes, similar to what people wear during Diwali.
  21. Organize a mini “fashion show” where they can showcase their outfits to their peers.
  22. Sweets and Treats:
  23. Engage the children in a simple cooking activity, making no-bake Diwali treats.
  24. Discuss the importance of sweets during Diwali and the joy of sharing with others.
  25. Musical Fun:
  26. Teach children a simple Diwali song or play traditional music.
  27. Let them dance or clap along to the rhythm.
  28. Discuss the role of music and dance in Diwali celebrations.
  29. Diwali Card Making:
  30. Provide materials for creating Diwali greeting cards.
  31. Encourage children to use stickers, glitter, and drawings to make their cards.
  32. Discuss the tradition of exchanging cards and good wishes during Diwali.
  33. Light and Shadow Play:
  34. Explore the concepts of light and shadows by using a flashlight and hand puppets.
  35. Teach children about the significance of light during Diwali and how it dispels darkness.

These activities not only make Diwali special for nursery class children but also provide an opportunity to introduce them to the cultural and traditional aspects of the festival in a fun and age-appropriate manner. Encourage their creativity, curiosity, and participation to create lasting and joyful memories of Diwali.


In conclusion, celebrating Diwali with nursery class children is a delightful experience that can instill in them a sense of wonder, creativity, and cultural appreciation. The ten Diwali activity ideas presented here offer a balanced blend of fun and education, making the festival special for these young ones.

Engaging in activities like diya painting, creating rangoli, making paper lanterns, and learning through stories allows children to connect with the traditions and values associated with Diwali. These activities not only stimulate their creativity but also foster a sense of togetherness and shared celebration.

Moreover, these experiences serve as a wonderful introduction to the rich tapestry of Indian culture and the significance of Diwali. By participating in these activities, nursery class children develop fine motor skills, artistic expression, and a sense of unity with their peers.

As we celebrate Diwali with these little ones, we create cherished memories and provide them with the opportunity to learn, grow, and embrace the spirit of the festival. The activities bring joy, meaning, and a sense of cultural connection to their early years, ensuring that Diwali remains a special and cherished part of their lives.

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