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School Subcriptions

By subscribing to the NIE program at school, schools can benefit from below facilities, which not only provide opportunities for students but also enhance the school’s reputation, promote teacher development, and foster a collaborative educational environment.

School Level Programs

As part of the NIE subscription, schools have the opportunity to organize various school-level programs on behalf of ‘Sakal Media Group.’ These programs, such as interschool competitions, workshops, and other educational events that enhance students’ learning experience.

Special ‘My School’ Issue

Schools with a minimum of 200 registered NIE numbers will receive a special ‘My School’ issue free of cost once during the academic year. This issue showcases the achievements and activities of the school and is distributed to all students. Additionally, selected students from participating schools may have the opportunity to gain work experience at the newspaper office. They can also participate in the ‘Sakal NIE’ Best Digit Competition, where students showcase their editing skills. Moreover, teachers from participating schools can participate in the State-level Best Teacher Nomination Competition.

Counseling Workshops

‘Sakal NIE’ conducts both online and offline counseling workshops for teachers and parents. These workshops aim to provide guidance, support, and valuable insights to enhance teaching practices and strengthen the parent-teacher relationship.

Principal Conclave

Selected principals or supervisors have the opportunity to participate in the ‘Principal Conclave’ held in the Sakal. This conclave serves as a platform for principals to connect, share experiences, and discuss various aspects of education and school management.

Publicity of School Activities

Selected activities conducted in the school will be publicized through NIE issues. These activities will be highlighted through editorially appropriate student writing, text, and images. This exposure helps showcase the achievements and strengths of the school to a wider audience.
School Subscription

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School Subscription

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